Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gotta Be A First.

Good Morning!
It is only four minutes into the 6th of October and I am awake with a touch of heartburn as a result of the variety of food we had at Piper's birthday celebration.

I didn't think I would do this blog thing, most especially for this trip. But here I with not much time to spare setting up this blog to see if I will actually make any notes that I will post starting here with my first trip to Israel. Yeah, I am not even sure that I will tell anyone about this thing yet. But if you are reading this you can assume as I will that i did indeed decide to tell at least one person about it.

Now is not the time to just go on and on about anything. For two reasons, 1) is that I don't have anything to say right now, and 2) since it is the middle of the night and I should be in bed asleep, I may end up just going on and on and on about this nothing I have to say for hours. How exciting would that be?

Well, stay tuned, in the next few days as I eventually end up hopefully in Tel Aviv, I may actually end up saying something about it. And if we are all lucky there will be some pictures with it too.